Purley Food Hub collection point at Purley Festival

Purley Food Hub

The Purley Food Hub provides food and other items for people in crisis. Please consider donating one or more of this month’s priority items when you visit the Purley Festival  finale weekend:
• Jars of pasta sauce
• Tinned tomatoes
• Long life whole milk
• Tins of baked beans
• Instant dried potato
• Meat paste and Marmite
• Tinned rice pudding
• Tins of dessert fruit
• Plain microwavable packets of rice
• Packet custard requiring only water
• Non bio washing powder tablets
• Tin openers
Please note, at this time we have enough soup, thank you!
The Purley Food Hub thanks you for your generous support – you have helped to provide approaching 90,000 meals since January 2013.

More about the Purley Food Hub

More than 9,700 people in crisis have received food from Purley Food Hub since we opened in January 2013, with over 87,000 meals provided.
The food bank, run by volunteers from Purley & Kenley Churches Together and the local community, provides food to people going through hard times who are referred by ticket by over 70 agencies throughout the borough.
To date (28th June 2017), 1,750 clients have visited a total of 4,400 times and received tinned and other longlife food for 9,700 people. At three meals a day for three days for each person, it is now more than 87,000 meals provided.
JUNE 2017
The agencies which refer clients include job centres, departments of Croydon Council, hostels and refuges, nurseries and children’s centres. One agency said: ‘I want you to know how much we appreciate the service you are providing our clients in these challenging times. It is a relief you exist.’ Another agency, referring their client for a second visit, stated: ‘He said you were absolutely wonderful last time and that your kindness made him very emotional. I said this was the effect that you had on a lot of people for the wonderful service that you provide.’
And a client said after visiting the Food Hub: ‘When I first called in to see you all, I was very nervous and very proud, but I had fallen on bad times and you made me feel welcome…I will always remember you all and pray each day that your health and kindness will continue. God bless you all. from A person who has gained his self respect back because of all the kind words you spoke to me. Thank you all so very much.’
The food is donated by schools, churches, businesses, Rotary Clubs and Women’s Institutes, as well as many individuals and families in Purley, Kenley, Coulsdon and South Croydon. Regular collections are held at local Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Co-op supermarkets.
Helen Harris, Chair of the Food Hub’s Management Committee, says: ‘A time of crisis can happen to anyone, usually out of the blue and through no fault of their own. So far we have helped more than 9,700 people in crisis – and we will continue for as long as we are needed.’
For more information about Purley Food Hub and for details of the food and other items required and where they can be taken, please email purleyfoodhub@gmail.com, or visit our website at www.purleyfoodhub.org.uk. Thank you!