Festival Team 2017

Name: Fiona Lipscombe
Title: Festival Director

Purley Festival Director – 2010 – Present
Stage Manager, REDFEST 2009 – Present
English Language Teacher – Learn English Now – 2011 – Present.

Passionate about community and making positive changes to where we live. Love organising live events and festivals.
Too many interests to name, depends on the season and my mood!
Life philosophy – be kind and you will get it back in shed loads and things will fall into your lap :0)’]

Facebook: Fiona Lipscombe
Twitter: @FionaLipscombe

Name: Wendy Ager
Title: Social Media Queen for Purley Festival

Hi, I’m Wendy Ager. I got involved with Purley Festival when I met Fiona in 2010 and set up the Facebook and Twitter for the festival which was our main marketing tool.  I still run most of the Social Media single-handedly with no budget!  I work with the marketing team and on the finale weekends you may spot me rushing about with a camera posting and tagging our supporters, stallholders, charities and acts.  I’m also a Business Coach and Mentor, speaker, trainer and I work with people on growing their businesses.  I’m a supporter of local and small businesses – basically everything local.

All over the internet like a rash. Love how online marketing mixed with traditional marketing can really boost your exposure. It’s certainly working for Purley Festival! Loves getting stuck in, positive community spirit and hates bananas.’]

Website: www.getbettercoaching.co.uk – Support to Grow Your Business
Email: wendy@getbettercoaching.co.uk
LinkedIn: wendyager
Twitter: @WendyAnnAger
Facebook: GetBetterCoaching

Name: Stephanie Darkes
Title: Musical Director / Weekend Festival Co-Organiser Purley Festival

Freelance Writer & Social Media nerd.
Columnist and Blogger

Busy, opinionated Croydon girl now living in Exeter (exploringexeter.co.uk ), loves all things radio and Social Media. Music lover & fitness freak.

Website: www.stephaniedarkes.co.uk
Twitter: @StephanieDarkes

Name: Neil Spellings
Title: Technical Support for Purley Festival’
Podio King and technical expert for Purley Festival

Hosts the Purley Festival website via www.xencentrichosting.uk

Twitter: @Neilspellings

Name: Tara Green
Title: Chief Fairy – Children’s Area Co-Ordinator at Finale Weekend
Children’s Events Organiser for the festival since 2012. Organises the whole kids area for Purley Festival, workshops & all.

Specialist life coach for parents and children at TheParentingGeek.com
I run a whole range of parenting workshops for for those with 0 – 12 year old children.
Parenting Columnist and Blogger for the Croydon Advertiser.

Generally a good egg and a jolly nice girl. ‘]

Website: www.theparentinggeek.com
Twitter: @ParentingGeek

Name: Ina Spellings
Title: Commercial Bookings Manager at Purley Festival
Deals with hundreds of emails and enquiries booking stalls for finale weekend.

Cloud Accounting Specialist at InAccounts
English Tutor at English with Ina

Lover of all things Tax related, passionate about business and strong believer in Karma. Not into shabby chic or flat shoes! Call me a reliable realist! ‘]

Website: Ina Spellings, InAccounts www.inaccounts.co.uk
Twitter: @InAccounts @InAccounts

Ina Spellings

Name: Martin Leay

Title: Media Officer and Music Consultant

Martin is part of the Purley Festival Press and Media team and writes press releases and articles for local newspapers and other online and print publications, liaising with media contacts to raise awareness of the festival.

From 2015-2017 Martin presented and produced ‘Happy Sundays’ – an Indie, Rock and Pop show on Croydon Radio – with fellow Purley Festival volunteer Adam Murcutt. Martin advises on the musical line-up of Purley Festival’s weekend finale. His day job is in politics.

Twitter: @mpleay 

LinkedIn: martinleay

Martin Leay

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